There are a lot of sites on the Internet that offer streaming for anime, but most of them are technically illegally uploaded when you get down to it. They might be free to use except for occasionally charging an extra membership fee to remove the ads on the side of the page that the videos are hosted on, but ultimately the file quality is very low and the industry isn’t benefitting at all when anyone watches it. Because Japan has recently started enacting a series of laws that make it even more difficult to watch anime illegally, it’s even more important to take careful note of which sites are available as legal options to stream anime series if that’s the type of thing you enjoy watching. The sites range from those specialized towards anime to those that are used for all sorts of shows and just so happen to have fairly extensive selections of anime.


Crunchyroll's Basic Membership Lets The User View Almost Everything

Crunchyroll’s Basic Membership Lets The User View Almost Everything

Crunchyroll is arguably the most well-known and highest-functioning site for streaming anime that the Internet has to offer. Although it started from humble beginnings, it’s expanded to include not only a way to stream new episodes of anime almost immediately after they’re aired on television in Japan but also a way to communicate via forums and even shop for merchandise. Although the site has region locks on some anime based on specific licenses in some countries, the site itself is available worldwide and is currently offered on almost any device you could probably think of to watch it on. There’s the website, of course, but there’s also Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, 4 and Vita apps, an Apple iOS and Apple TV as well as an Android app along with an app for Windows Phone, among others. This is a great site to stream legally on because statistics from what’s being watched goes straight back to the studios that created the shows, letting them know what people are enjoying watching.


Hulu Has Recently Come Up In The Ranks As A Great Place To Stream Anime

Hulu Has Recently Come Up In The Ranks As A Great Place To Stream Anime

Hulu has recently come up in the ranks as a great place to stream anime, both in its subbed and dubbed formats. Although their selection isn’t huge, there are a few notable current titles as well as a few old favorites, making it a preferred place for many anime lovers to watch what they love. Hulu is available on all three video game consoles as well as each phone and many tablet formats, so you can watch it wherever you want. A downside to Hulu is that it’s usually 1 week behind when it comes to newly aired episodes, so if you’re following a series on Hulu you should watch out for spoilers because you’re always going to be a week behind. Additionally, this site is full of a lot of ads at scheduled points in each episode, so while it’s a good place to stream, that brings complaints from quite a few people.


Netflix Has Invested In Some Fantastic Anime

Netflix Has Invested In Some Fantastic Anime

Because of the fact that Netflix offers so many other titles, many people are already subscribed to it and are using it both online and on their many devices. The website has a large selection of anime, but a major downside is that Netlifx won’t get a series until the series has completely finished airing. Whereas Crunchyroll and Hulu both have series as they’re airing fairly recently after the episode airs in Japan, you’ll have to wait if you want to watch the series on Netflix. Additionally, whether or not they get a series seems to be based on a lot of complicated licenses that we don’t always understand.


Funimation Is A Good Place For Legal Anime Streaming

Funimation Is A Good Place For Legal Anime Streaming

Because FUNimation is a main production company when it comes to anime, it makes sense that their website would be a good place for legal anime streaming. There are both subbed and dubbed versions on the site, but it’s only for anime that was produced by FUNimation and that doesn’t even begin to encompass everything out there. The site is good for streaming, but the selection is very limited and the fact that it’s only available on a fraction of the devices that the other streaming websites are available on turns a few viewers away from it. Just like all of the others, there is a membership fee, and because of that fee many people choose to go with Hulu when it comes to recent series.


Youtube Is The Most Well Known Site For Streaming.. Just Not Anime

Youtube Is The Most Well Known Site For Streaming

Youtube is available worldwide, however, in the case of anime that you might try and stream, it seems like a lot of it is region locked. This can be a major complaint for people that are looking to watch anything on the site. There are very rarely full episodes uploaded to Youtube, and more often than not it’s promos from a production studio or half of an episode in an attempt to entice you into subscribing to a paid service. Youtube is a reliable place to stream small bits of an anime series, but it isn’t recommended as your main streaming source.