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Feeding Your Family For Cheap

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Even with economy headed in a supposedly upward direction, times are still tough and the cost of food seems to go up with every trip to the grocery store. It can be difficult to feed your family well on a tight budget, but it can be hard on your conscious to buy cheap processed foods over their more nutritious and expensive fresh counterparts at the store. After all, articles cover Facebook and the news every day to tell you how terrible GMO food is, how you have to eat organic or else get an overdose of excess hormones and antibiotics, and it’s hard to ignore them when you’ve got growing kids gobbling up what you put on the table. Here are a few tips to making your dollar stretch at the grocery store, even when you’re trying to work heartier meals into your budget. Planning Ahead and Reusing Ingredients Planning is an important part of making sure no food goes to waste in your pantry or fridge, and to help stave of impulse buys when you’re not quite sure what…


How to Shake Your Energy Drink Habit at Work

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When you have long shifts that drag the day out or you work graveyard, energy drinks can seem like a gift from above to help you make it through until you clock out. Unfortunately, they’ve garnered a pretty bad reputation, and not without a good reason. Energy drinks are less than stellar for your health, and the kick that they give you only lasts so long before it turns into a crash. And once you’ve hit the limit of how many you can drink in a day without being at serious risk, what do you do if you’re still tired and not able to go to bed yet? If you’re tired of blowing through energy drinks on at work and are looking for an alternative to keep yourself awake without the disadvantages of an artificial energy boost, here are a few tips to get your started. Find Other Drinks When You’re Thirsty When you’re in the habit of constantly having an energy drink on hand at work, your start to rely on having a drink by you at all times.…