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Feeding Your Family For Cheap

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Even with economy headed in a supposedly upward direction, times are still tough and the cost of food seems to go up with every trip to the grocery store. It can be difficult to feed your family well on a tight budget, but it can be hard on your conscious to buy cheap processed foods over their more nutritious and expensive fresh counterparts at the store. After all, articles cover Facebook and the news every day to tell you how terrible GMO food is, how you have to eat organic or else get an overdose of excess hormones and antibiotics, and it’s hard to ignore them when you’ve got growing kids gobbling up what you put on the table. Here are a few tips to making your dollar stretch at the grocery store, even when you’re trying to work heartier meals into your budget. Planning Ahead and Reusing Ingredients Planning is an important part of making sure no food goes to waste in your pantry or fridge, and to help stave of impulse buys when you’re not quite sure what…


Why You Should Put Organic Butter in Your Coffee

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Do you miss breakfast a lot? Are you so rushed in the mornings that all you have time for is a cup of coffee? Then the so-called “Bulletproof” coffee might be just what you need to improve your health and your attitude. What Is It? Bulletproof coffee is a term coined by one Dave Asprey, tech guru and originator of the craze, and refers to coffee that has one or two tablespoons of organic butter (depending on your tastes) added to it. It is important that the butter be organic as opposed to non organic butter because certain fats can only be found in cows that have been grass fed as opposed to the usual corn or soy fed. Butter from grass fed cows has fats that are great for regulating cholesterol. The ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids is ideal for reducing body fats. Drinking Bulletproof Coffee every morning will get the body into the routine of burning fat all day. These fat burning fatty acids are aided by the conjugated linoleic acid found in grass fed butter.…