Cheating: Holy Grail of Easy Sex

Cheating: Holy Grail of Easy Sex

Dating an older woman can be a great experience for a young guy. Cougar or puma fever is hitting the relationship world and it’s admittedly been seen in smaller doses for years and years. Movies like The Graduate will show you a fantasy that a lot of men have in which they’re dating and making love to someone who is much older than they are. The appeal can be confusing to some since age is something that matters a lot to men and they usually like women who are youthful. This mindset is ignoring the many positive aspects of dating a beautiful older woman, which there definitely are some. It’s important as a younger man to understand that there are going to be some differences between you and an older woman, though. Sometimes, older women like to be available on the top affair websites like those that are listed here as their unhappy marriages have the potential to open cheating options for them.

Older Women are Known to Be Vicarious Cheating Lovers

Cougar-WomanYou may be familiar with this fact, but it’s known that men reach their sexual peaks at 18 while women don’t reach this period in their lives until their forties. This is one of the reasons why a match between a younger man, while still being of legal age, and an older woman is beneficial. He’s extremely interested in sex but isn’t experienced enough to know how to please a woman properly and she has a lot of experience and needs someone just as vicarious as her for her own pleasures. Don’t be surprised if you find that you’re having more frequently with your cougar mate than a girlfriend your own age. Married women are awesome. Some of the best sites for cheating like this married dating top 10 is full of reviews you can trust on married dating sites.

She’s Got Responsibilities

Most grown women have things to do and those in their older years are no exception to the rule. She might have children to deal with or a very important job. She probably owns her own house and has more bills to pay than you do. With experience and age comes more and more responsibility. You may find that your plans and meetings will be canceled frequently because she has things she has to deal with that are more important than you. Don’t be insulted. You’ll be in the same place in twenty years.

She Might Not Take You Seriously

Even though you have a relationship of some sort, it’s very likely that she still sees you as a kid because face it. You are one to her. You may have problems in life and concerns that you feel like she blows off and it’s very possible she’s doing just that. She’s used to all the problems you’re going through and has seen it all before which can make her flippant about your issues. This isn’t right, of course, but expect it in a relationship where your mate is someone who could be more than double your age.

She Knows What She Wants

6FUl7Another pro of being with an older woman is that older women tend to know what they want. They’ve had a lot more sex than you have and can tell you just where to touch and which angles to use to make her moan every time. They know what they like to eat, who they are, and what they want out of life which is usually more than you can say. Get used to your older lover being very set in her ways and instructive. You aren’t there to reinvent the wheel, in her eyes. Know that you probably can’t change her and don’t push to hard.

In today’s world, we have more information, more travel opportunities, and an easier time moving from place to place or country to country than human beings have ever had before. Every country is growing more and more multicultural. When it comes to dating, that means that the odds are higher now than ever that you’ll meet a Mr. or Ms. Right who comes from a different cultural background. If you’re religious, it may be hard to imagine dating someone whose religious beliefs and practices are completely different from your own. If you’re not religious, it might be hard to imagine dating someone who has strong beliefs. But if everything else about them is great, why throw that away? Here’s some quick tips for making it work when you’re dating someone whose religion is different from your own. Often, these people end up on one of the top reviewed finder websites online, however because scams are plenty in this world the real sites are few and far between. So choose carefully when trying to pick a site to help you date.

Don’t Try to Convert Them

Sometimes, cross-religion relationships result in one partner converting to the other partner’s path. Trying to force your partner to convert, though, is much more likely to end the relationship than change their religion. Don’t go there unless it’s a dealbreaker if they don’t convert, because going there, most of the time, will be the dealbreaker for your partner.

Even if they’re open to the idea, it can introduce feelings of resentment and isolation. Religion isn’t just about personal spiritual beliefs, after all: it’s also about community, so asking your partner to convert means asking them to cut their ties with a community that’s important to their life.

Respect Their Beliefs

If you’re not going to directly tell your partner to convert to your religion, it’s just as important to give them space, support and respect in their own religious practices. Don’t ask them out to a lunch date if they’re fasting until sundown; don’t try to convince them to break the Sabbath, skip their daily meditation, eat something that isn’t kosher, take off head coverings, skip church, or any other request that involves asking them to change their practices to accommodate you. If you don’t know anything about their religion, learn! There’s nothing wrong with asking questions, and since personal beliefs or practices often differ, Wikipedia won’t provide your answer all the time.

In fact, if you do look something up on Wikipedia, and find practices your partner doesn’t follow, go with your partner’s take on things. Their particular sect or family tradition may be different… or it may be that they’ve chosen to not follow certain parts of the tradition, and if you question that you’re turning yourself into the voice of their grandmother asking why they don’t go to church every Sunday morning. That’s not a good place for a romantic partner to be.


If you’re not going to convert each other, and you’re both going to keep practicing different religions, you’re going to run into a lot of relationship milestones that involve religion. Weddings and raising children are two of the biggest, scariest stumbling blocks for cross-religion couples. If you feel like your relationship is serious enough that you want to move on toward marriage, it’s a good idea to start discussing early on what kind of religious elements you want in the ceremony. You’ll want to come up with something that both of you find meaningful and satisfying. When it comes to weddings, you’ll also want to present a united front, because odds are very high that both of your families will have expectations of their own that aren’t the same as what you want!

Raising children is another common problem, because it introduces the question of whether children should be raised in one faith, the other, neither, or with exposure to both. Here, again, you’ll need to find a compromise you’re both happy with, before you have children. Caring for an infant or toddler is a stressful, full-time commitment, and you don’t want to put yourself in the position of compromising about your beloved child’s religious upbringing when you’re getting four hours of sleep a night and seeing dirty diapers in your nightmares.

Maintaining a relationship when you and your partner have different religious beliefs can be hard, but it’s not impossible. Respect, tolerance, determination – and love – will see you through.